Self Luminous Society

The Self Luminous Society is a group of linguistic-metaphysic-mystical-lunatics. In short, we like to play with words and believe that through word play we can reach the divine with a transcendental state of mind. We practice Econosmics (Cosmic Economics), which could be understood as an alternative logic or lateral thinking approach to the production, distribution, and consumption of art. An example is found in the statement: “Don’t work for art, let art work for you”. We are not a gallery in the typical sense, but in the etymological sense. We are a passageway through the reality into a parallel alter-ego-gallery. We are southern sales associates at your service.

The aesthetic that our organization uses is a revival of “Cosmic Cowboy”, a counter-culture art and music movement that took place in Texas in the 1970s. It combined the imagery and clichés of the country cowboy with an experimental, progressive, and psychedelic twist.

SLS was founded in 2016 by Slim Denken (The Cosmic Cowboy) and then joined by Hayne E. Day (The Conscious Caballero) and Benny Snouta (The Concept Conspirator). SLS is nomadic, traveling around the world developing products and systems, partnering with various groups and institutions. We use a cooperative financial structure where profits are divided 50% for the artist, 20% split amongst all of the other artists of SLS, and 30% given to SLS to fund production costs and overhead. We have made presentations and conceptual sales workshops at various locations such as: Poppositions art fair (Brussels, BE), Bonington Gallery (Nottingham, UK), Artefiera (Bologna, IT), The Community (Paris, FR), Galerie Mieke van Schaijk (Den Bosch,

NL), and Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, NL). Our organization takes its name from the poem, “God is Man Made” by John Giorno.

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