The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (OJAI) was inaugurated in 2015 by Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly and is headquartered in Berlin and Brussels. OJAI has the stated objective of exploring bureaucracy, administration and self-institutionalization as forms of cultural production. Research is conducted in a variety of fields including: economics, architecture, industrial heritage and self-measurement. OJAI work is manifested in the form of postal correspondence, photography, surveys, field trips, publications and radio broadcasts. Exhibitions take the form of temporary offices that function both as systems of display as well as sites of inquiry, dialogue and production. OJAI is enthusiastically collegial and collaborates regularly with like-minded artists, architects and researchers.

The first exhibition and publication of OJAI material Low Hanging Fruit opened on October 22nd at GRÖLLE pass:projects in Wuppertal.

The second exhibition Fruit Solutions opened on February 10th 2017 at Galerie Laura Mars Gallery in Berlin.

The third exhibition Fruit Efficiency opened on August 26th 2017 at RO2 Art in Dallas, Texas.

The fourth exhibition of OJAI content was in the context of Marres Currents #5: I Spy, I Spy a little lie at Marres, House for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht- opening on December 13th 2017


Gary Farrelly, Director for Administrative Heritage and Self-Inventory, OJAI SUD
(born 1983) is an Irish artist based in Brussels.

His practice encompasses an obsessive research into bureaucratic
systems and architecture combined with a narcissistic style of storytelling.
Work is produced in the form of drawing, collage, mail art and performance.
Autonomy and agency are recurring themes.

Farrelly studied fine art at the National College of Art and Design
(NCAD) in Dublin and LUCA Arts (Sint-Lukas) in Brussels. He has lived
and worked for extended periods in Paris and Dallas where he was artist
in residence at Galerie W and The University of Texas. Exhibition highlights
include TAMAT Centre for Contemporary Textiles (Tournai), Museum of Contemporary Art (Banja Luka),
Parking Projects (Tehran), Central Trak (Dallas), Crawford Municipal Art Gallery (Cork),
Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture (Maastricht) and 500X (Dallas).
Collaborative initiatives include a feature length film project entitled Glue
with Oisin Byrne and the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence with Chris Dreier.

Chris Dreier, Director for Finance and Systemic Risk, OJAI NORD
(born 1961) comes from Wuppertal, Germany and has been
based in Berlin for the last three decades.

Her pinhole photographic work revolves around subjects of change, decay
and war. The work often encompasses images of endangered architectural
structures and neglected post-war modernity. In recent years she has been
researching the global financial system with a focus on the crisis of 2008.
The research manifests in photography, installation, tapestry and painting.
Her fascination with architecture and economics is also consistently
evident in her video work and noise music practice.

Chris Dreier is a graduate of Visual Communications from Berlin's
University of Art (UDK). In the nineteen eighties she was a member of
experimental music group Die Tödliche Doris. She continues to produce
experimental music with band projects Burqamachines, Spade Love and
Dexia Defunct. Her visual artwork has been exhibited widely in Germany
and beyond including institutional shows at The Museum of Contemporary Art
(Wroclaw, Poland), New Mexico History Museum (Santa Fe) and Centre d'art
Contemporaine (Brest, France). The work is represented in Berlin by Galerie
Laura Mars and in Wuppertal by Galerie Grölle.


Hosted by the Administrative Heritage and Self-Inventory Desk of the Office For Joint Administrative Intelligence


14.32 hrs Pick up German delegation at Gare de Midi and escort to hotel on Rue Royale.
15.00 hrs Shopping for provisions and brief architectural survey.
15.45 hrs Coffee and briefing at Bureau 304.
16.00 hrs Production line exercises and policy discussions.
20.00 hrs Traditional meat soup with the neighbours and special negotiations with
Claire Williams.


08.00 hrs Coffee and briefing at Bureau 304.
09.00 hrs Photographic excursion to former AXA building.
11.30 hrs Brunch on the 25th front-facing floor of Brussels World Trade center, Tower 1.
14.00 hrs Photographic expedition to ANTWERP PREMETRO System and Antwerp diamond exchange.
17.00 hrs Early dinner at at multistorey carpark restaurant.v 18.00 hrs Nap.
19.00 hrs Production line exercises and policy discussions.


08.00 hrs Coffee and briefing at Bureau 304
08.30 hrs Policy discussions and record making incl. note taking.
11.00 hrs Dexia Defunct Band practise for concert in March.
13.00 hrs Light lunch.
14.00 hrs Continuation of Dexia Defunct band practise.
17.00 hrs Official summit photo opportunity at the Forbidden Zone.
19.15 hrs Collective meal experience at 123 Rue Royale.
20.30 hrs Night walk to Molenbeek and Brussels center.


08.00 hrs Briefing at Bureau 304.
08.30 hrs Preparation for joint statement.
13.00 hrs Summit closes.
14.00 hrs German delgation departs on a highspeed train out of Gare de Midi to Berlin.




The invitation is courtesy of ANN CHRISTINE FREUWÖRTH.




Musique Concrète for the Age of Communication and Control


Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence content is broadcast on the first Sunday night of every month on Radio out of Dallas, Texas. The segment contains interviews, monologues, sound experiments and music. OJAI broadcasts are a show within a show- an audio enclave inside the award winning Sonic Assembly Power Hour with Reid Robinson and Mark Ridlen.

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